One Of A Kind Items

The items listed on this page are "one of a kind" or "some of a Kind" that are offered for sale with reduced prices or with other considerations. They may be prototypes, samples or items that do not meet our standard specifications. Occasionally we may list an item made by another shop. Please read the description for each item for the details about the item. Free shipping does not apply to these items unless otherwise marked. Use our contact form to provide us with your address and we'll provide you with the shipping cost. If there is no button to add the item to your cart, we will send you an invoice through PayPal. Please feel free to use the contact button to ask any questions you may have.

Six Pack Beer Caddy, holds 6 - 12oz bottles. Shipping included. This is a prototype made in the process of developing this item as a running line item.

Contents not included.

This beautiful handmade oak tray is made from reclaimed oak flooring and pallet materials. Includes brass handles and felt feet. Free Shipping.Contents not included.

Standard Color Options

Dark Walnut135
English Chestnut224
Red Wipe174
Gray Wipe352
Duck Egg Blue245
Charcoal Stain416

All Items Ship Free